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All Inclusive Exotic Retreat; Accommodations, Meals and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Scheduled Excursions, Healing Sessions, Mind+Brain+Soul Connection Sessions, Somatic Yoga Sessions, Meditation Sessions, Breathwork Sessions, Sound Healing. (Transportation is Sold Separately)​

*Please note that once the Retreat has been paid in Full, there will be a Waiver and and Non-Disclosure Agreement to sign electronically.


The Experience

This revolutionary 7 day intimate and private party Retreat is provided to you and 6 to 8 of your closest personal connections surrounded by the healing elements of Nature embodies making seismic shifts throughout your Intellectual, Ethereal, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual bodies in attaining spiritual fulfillment, manifested success and abundance, in finding a sense of full embodiment coherence and alignment so that you may experience Liberation, Empowerment and Healing.


This exclusive and restorative Retreat is designed for contemplation and transformational healing which culminates a powerful healing space as the interwoven healing modalities are harmoniously connected in yielding seismic results, these techniques and gifts used only in intricacy are utilized to change the programming in the highest sense of integrity to assist you in shifting yourself to promote spiritual wholeness, fulfillment, health, wealth, harmony, joy, vitality, serenity and peace. The Illumination Retreat™ is presenting a new holistic and spiritual approach for the evolution of consciousness on Earth that has yet to have been explored.


The power of healing is interwoven in the holographic fields to heal energetically on different quantum levels. Guiding you to a sequence of balances that rejuvenate you holistically on all levels of existence; Physiologically, Cellularly, Ethereally, Emotionally and Spiritually. Then to embody all of your Healing Journey experience throughout this Retreat we will hold a Sacred Space for a Shamanic Healing Ceremony and a Shamanic Healing Celebration.


You will walk away from this transformative experience with a more profound knowingness and sense of self in attuning you to the highest and deepest version of your being, Soul love and the incredibleness that truly lies within you, as you will attain new heightened senses of your Spiritual Intelligence.

The Illumination Retreat® - Concierge (Exotic Locations)

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