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The             Retreats


Come and Escape


Create      Experience


The Experience

You have the power to create your own intimate experience with 7-11 of your closest personal connections in any of the locations provided below which are intentionally curated to provide the most beautiful experience. 

The Illumination Retreat® is a luxurious and exclusive 7 day intimate Retreat surrounded by the healing elements of Nature, designed for contemplation and transformational healing in yielding seismic shifts throughout your Mind+Body+Soul in attaining inner freedom and fulfillment while naturally transporting you to abundant states of vitality, happiness and peace.

The Illumination Retreat® is presenting a proven revolutionary embodied approach which includes ancient healing practices, traditional medicines, historic spiritual rituals fused with Neuroscience together with our inclusive pièce de resistance...the revealing of the True “Secret” to living a happy, fulfilled and peaceful life while living in a consistent state of abundance, this "Secret" has only been discovered by a select few people throughout the world and once revealed will positively create a powerful life changing experience that will empower the rest of your life

What makes us distinctive in extension of our pièce de resistance and along the profound transformations experienced is the intentionality and curation of our Experts who are the world’s most sought after and respected Conscious Leaders. In culmination of our Leaders impeccable expertise and guidance of countless proven transformations throughout the world and in distinction of navigating through these riveting transformations themselves has created the perfect sauce pour succès in which they are able to offer their expertise, wisdom and support at every elemental level of the transformative process. 


We are the leading retreat beyond comparison which is what separates us apart from the rest, as The Illumination Retreat® offers proven and profound transformations throughout all aspects of your life…imagine…taking all of the years of consuming personal and professional development books, years of guidance and mentorship, therapeutic and holistic interventions bundled into a one week immersive and flowing through it with ease and love! 

The              Services


The              Practices


The Practices

Soullular™ Healing
Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Presenting a proven revolutionary embodied approach in healing at the cellular and Soullular™ level, from our centres of intelligence including the Mind, Energy Centres, Emotional Body, Sensory Body, Physical Body and Soul. This practice includes ancient healing practices, traditional and historical spiritual rituals fused with Neuroscience together which will positively create a powerful life changing experience that will empower the rest of your life.

Journey to the Soul

Shamanism is based on the belief that a person can connect to the spirit world by engaging in an ecstatic trance. This process transcends the traditional ideal of reality and once a person is journeying, the Shaman is able to draw incredible knowledge and healing power from within the depths of their being.


The Journey to the Soul involves traveling within oneself for the purpose of consultation and healing. This is a profound way to conduct an internal conversation and to ascertain vital information. This inner being is in constant connection with all levels of your consciousness. The Journey to the Soul is within where you will find the answers to all of your questions, in all lights. During the journey, you go beyond your own perceived awareness where oftentimes people will describe seeing various lights, many will experience a change in body temperature or a shift of movement as they are experiencing more profound awareness. The experience is distinctive in itself as it reveals unexpected insights and revealings.

*None of these Journeys include any Hallucinogenics only Mother Earth's plant medicines to clear and cleanse energy such as White Sage, Blue Sage, SEMAA (Wild Tobacco Non-Toxic), Cedar, Pine and Sweet Grass. Roxanne is a powerful VOID Healer of the highest Light, hallucinogenics are not needed to reach clarity and full spiritual body coherence.


The Brain and Mind Connection

Your brain is the biological mechanism whereby you access the infinite intelligence of the Universal Mind. This enables you to maximize your human experience, fusing the physical with the spiritual to express the essence of who you are. You have chosen to be on this planet, in this physical dimension, for a purpose. It is only by using the natural tools you are endowed with, in harmony with the physical laws of the universe, that you can fully know and experience what that purpose is.

Profound Somatic Soul Movement

The practice and soothing movements in the intentionality of opening up, expanding the deeper channels of the physical body along with the joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, and fascia that need time, patience and love to caress back to their optimal positions.


Once this physiological homeostasis has been obtained, this allows you to open up more profoundly within your emotional and spiritual bodies, creating expansion to release suppressed beliefs, emotions and memories. When you listen to your Soul's guidance in moving your body, this is when seismic shifts begin to happen. Holding your body's movement and allowing yourself to release what is no longer serving you. These held movements can last minutes as you only shift when your guidance asks you to shift. This allows you the time that is needed to go within. Across the layers of your powerful being, in the the stillness of each movement and breath you can ask the more reflective questions, queries and affirmations that may be ignored in your day to day movements.


When you combine the holding...the pausing...and the deepness together, you have a practice that supports all that you need to be, embodying what it truly means to walk within the harmony of your bodies working in cohesiveness to accept all in which you innately are from your shadows to your light.


Breathwork has been around for thousands of years, the methodology of breathwork is to release any toxins and stress when you are breathing out and to nourish your mind, body and soul when you are breathing in, as your breath’s intention is to bring the oxygen into your body so that you harmonize to your optimal state of being.Therefore, when you are physically or emotionally stressed, this affects how you breathe the oxygen into your body as when you feel stressed, your breath tends to become fast and shallow which limits the oxygen entering your bloodstream as your brain communicates to your body that there is a threat of survival, in which your body’s natural response is to respond in your protective state of fight, flight or freeze.


Once you begin to master your breath you learn to calm your central nervous system so that you can calm your stress and bring harmony to your Mind, Body and Soul. The additional benefits encompass alkalizing your blood PH and acting as a natural anti-inflammatory for your body while elevating your mood.


Meditation is an experience that takes you to the depths of who you are by teaching you to stay centered and to maintain your inner peace while revealing the divine YOU stripped of all the illusionary perceptions you have about your identity.


Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is proven to instill calmness, peacefulness which allows the harmonizing of your emotional wellbeing and overall health. In the meditative process, you will experience senses of stillness, knowingness, joy and a connection of love and light that warms your being. 

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a form of healing that uses different vibrations to heal the body, mind and spirit. It works on two principles: That different emotions vibrate at different levels, and that blocked, or unexpressed emotions, are the main source of dis-ease. It has been proven that our thoughts and feelings produce energy, which trigger vibrations. Everything vibrates at a different level, including felt emotions that we consider uncomfortable, or unpleasant which vibrate at relatively low levels and the emotions that most people find pleasant and joyful vibrate at higher levels. Sound healing is proven to be effective in four ways: sympathetic resonance, brainwave entertainment, frequency following response and harmonizing the brain's left and right hemispheres.

Family Constellations

This is a therapeutic approach that attempts to reveal unrecognized dynamics that spans multiple generations in a family and to resolve its effects by encountering the past, accept and heal.​ We explore what is behind a specific experience in your life. Some of the struggles and traumas are related to unseen entanglements from your ancestors and systems.

Each of us belong to a family system extending over several generations. When the family system is balanced, the individuals within it can receive the generational flow of love from those who came before them, and they can pass it on to those who follow. However, families can only function harmoniously in this way when each family member belonging to the system has an equally valued and respected place within it. Disturbances to the natural flow of love within a family can result from various situations and events. When an individual is “tied up” in the fate or business of another member of the extended family, we describe this as entanglement. When entanglement occurs, it results in difficulties and suffering which may affect many generations. These difficulties can present themselves in a multitude of facets that are not seeing our true purpose. 

In this powerful and transformative process, we will explore the hidden dynamics and unconscious patterns that run within your family system, by bringing awareness to these patterns, we can begin to break the cycle of pain and suffering and create new possibilities for healing and growth. This is an opportunity for you to gain new insights and understanding of yourself and your family, and to find peace and resolution. 

The               Benefits


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Want The Benefits?


Mastering the True "Secret" to Life

When we share the True "Secret" of Life this is not from what you have heard or seen from the mainstream media, this will be an incredibly powerful and impactful revelation… ouuuu exciting…right?


Expeditious Change

Gather previously attended retreats, self-development literature, years of guidance and mentorship, therapeutic interventions bundled into a one week immersive and flowing through it with ease and love! 


Relaxative and Regenerative

This Retreat will bring you to a profound state of relaxation and regeneration throughout your Mind+Body+Soul. In which, these feelings will extend beyond the duration of the Retreat so that you can continually apply them to your daily life.

Wildly Transformative

The modalities that we use solely for this Retreat are life changing and life transforming, you may experience countless AHA moments which will allow you to expand further into yourself and your life. These transformations are curated to be simplistic and most importantly extremely impactful. 

Resetting your Mind+Body+Soul

This Retreat is curated to reset your central nervous system and your energy field by removing any misplaced energy that is not serving your highest self. This powerful Reset will leave you with feelings of peace and unconditional love within every aspect of your being.

Connecting your Mind+Brain Connection

This Retreat will optimize every aspect of success in your life, once you have the teachings in how your brain mechanisms function you will no longer experience problems in your life, you will simply have choices in front of you.

Mind+Body+Soul Optimization

This Retreat will optimize your Mind+Body+Soul by harmonizing the connection within your Mind+Body+Soul by having your bodies collaborate together in synergy creating inner peace.

Vibrational Shifts

The standing Law of the Universe of the Natural Laws is the Law of Vibration, this Retreat is curated to elevate your vibrational frequency. When your vibration is emitting at an elevated frequency you align yourself to everything in that vibrational alignment such as Love, Health and Wealth.

Energetic Enhancements

In attending this beautiful experience you will enhance your Love, Wealth and Health energetics. These enhancements will affect every intrinsic part of your Life. You will learn to master the energetics around you, and expand your healing beyond your wildest imagination.

Ancestral Healing 

In attending this beautiful experience you will naturally begin to heal your lineage that came before you and the lineage that will come after you, by breaking cyclical patterns, agreements and entanglements.

The               Locations


The Locations+Requirements

You and your party decide! Select one of the Locations listed below, then all we need is a 4-6 month lead time to perfect your life changing Retreat. You must have a Party of 8-12 participants (no less than eight including yourself, no more than twelve). Full Payment for all participants MUST be made upfront prior to the scheduling of the Retreat.You can choose from any of the selections listed below and all you need to do is show up with your private party, our incredible Team will organize everything with the exception of the Flights and Transportation.*Pricing depends on the time of year, location and accommodations.

The Testimonials


“In a word - REGENERATIVE. Excuse the all caps but it truly is how I've felt since. All week leading up, there was something brewing inside of me, a sense of ease and joy and at peace with the massive uncertainty in my life right now. After the session, the feeling was solidified as if a major shift occurred and I felt at peace as to what's to come. In fact, excited for what's to come and ready to meet it."

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