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The         Investment


The Illumination Retreat is an investment into yourself! IT IS YOUR TIME! you have been led here for a reason, now believe in the reasons on why your Soul led you here…


We are the leading retreat beyond comparison which is what separates us apart from the rest, as The Illumination Retreat™ offers proven and profound transformations throughout all aspects of your life…imagine…taking all of the years of consuming personal and professional development books, years of guidance and mentorship, therapeutic and holistic interventions bundled into a one week immersive and flowing through it with ease and love! 


At The Illumination Retreat we will be sharing the True "Secret" to living a happy, fulfilled and peaceful life while living in a consistent state of abundance, this "Secret" has only been discovered by a select few people throughout the world and once revealed will positively impact the rest for your life! Now..give yourself permission to say YES to yourself!

The              Policy


We offer a variety of Payment Plans, please contact us and we will discover the best payment plan for you! There are NO REFUNDS. Your reservation requires a payment of 100% of the total price that is mentioned within the Payment Plan agreement. Partial and full payments are non-refundable if you cancel your booking as we secure the locations, vendors and facilitators based on the registration numbers therefore the retreat is non-refundable please visit the Strict Refund Policy. We require that you have Travel Insurance in order to protect your Investment.

** Review Strict Refund Policy + Agreement

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